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Monday - Friday, 6pm-9pm on 760 The Zone

It all started on Good Friday in 1995, when JT won Jim Rome's Smak-Off as the #1 fan caller in the country. The Smak-Off notoriety earned JT a spot at KMAX, hosting a Sunday night show from ten to midnight. That show was such an enormous success that within a year JT was working for Sports Fan Radio, and the Brickhouse was built.

JT has said many times, "I'm lucky because I have the best callers in the country, and that's a fact". When you're taking calls and e-mail from some of the most intense sports fans on the planet you're gonna get insightful, educated, and humorous commentary from a lot of sources. If you have something to say - on any sports topic - send JT an e-mail at

Visit JT's web site,

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