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Bob Newman's Outdoor Zone
Where Fishing, Hunting and all Outdoor Adventures are Considered a Tax-Free Religion!

You enjoy the outdoors and everything that it has to offer. Here you'll find different resources on hunting, fishing, flyfishing and unique experiences dealing with the outdoors.

Meet Bob Newman
Bob Newman, the host of “Bob Newman’s Outdoor Zone” on AM 760 KKZN in Denver, is the award-winning author of thousands of magazine and newspaper articles & columns. Click here to read more

You didn't just come here for the pictures. Some great places to start looking for articles of interest: Freshwater Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year
Where can a flyfisher catch 230 powerful, beautiful gamefish amid a sprawling rainforest interwoven with the greatest river system on Earth, and all before two o’clock in the afternoon? Find out here!

Freshwater Light-Tackle Lodge of the Year
An incredible, luxurious lodge in a spectacular setting surrounded by pristine watercourses jammed with tarpon, snook, guapote, machaca, mojarra and other species. It's time to visit Rio Indio.

Guide of the Year
Bob congratulates Elktrout’s fly-fishing director, Marty Cecil as Guide of the Year!


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